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Red Oak Public School , 2 days ago

Beginning June 1st, 2022, the Star Program application will be available through Chahta Achvffa, the Choctaw Nation's official member portal. Parents & guardians will apply for rewards for their students in grades 2nd-12th in the Fall & Spring semesters. Individual schools will no longer be submitting STAR reward information on the student's behalf as we have traditionally done. These changes will begin for the 2021-2022 Spring semester awarding period and all future awarding periods moving forward. Students must be enrolled in 2-12 grade & possess a Choctaw tribal membership card. The Spring awarding period will be open from June 1-September 1. The Choctaw Nation also offers a $100 grant to Choctaw tribal students who are attending 3 yr old head start thru high school. The grant is provided one time each funding year & will be on a Visa card specifically for clothing. This is also offered thru their official member portal. The Student School & Activity Fund opens June 1-August 31, 2022. Students must meet certain eligibility requirements. view image

Red Oak Public School

Red Oak Public School , 16 days ago

Construction has begun on our new gym entry and lobby! While construction is ongoing, we ask that no one enter any part of the gym. Thank you for your cooperation!

Red Oak Public School

Red Oak Public School , 18 days ago

Please note the attached information about summer school, which begins this week. view image

Red Oak Public School

Red Oak Public School , 24 days ago

Inclement weather has postponed the Class A & B state baseball tournaments to Friday, Saturday, and Monday with game times remaining the same. Sendoff for the Eagles will now be Thursday at 3 pm for those wanting to line Main Street and wish them luck!

Red Oak Public School

Red Oak Public School , 25 days ago

The baseball team will leave Red Oak Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 for those that want to line Main Street to send them off!

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